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The best new ideas are things that make you say "huh, why didn't I think of that?" - for this project I was tasked with re-designing a drafting/craft table that would be updated, stylish, and affordable. While working directly with the product manager, our trend research brought us to the conclusion that an understated design with clean lines and simple touches would best serve today's consumer. From an ergonomic standpoint we have to thank my family doctor. The eureka moment came after he recommended I find a way to stand while working part of the day  to relieve back strain.

And so it was born: the sit/stand craf/drafting table. Look for this product's release in 2018!


These concept sketches  are for variations  on a display frame that allows the consumer to quickly change photos and holiday cards in a casual, stylish way. The first design is felt or canvas hung from a stretcher bar across the top. Design two utilizes a stretched fabric centerpiece mounted in a floating frame for a more formal look.