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Springtime is all about new ideas, new attitudes and exciting new directions. Based on a great deal of trend research, this Easter story took on a new look and feel to meet consumer expectations.


What picture did all of that research paint? Today's parents are looking for activities that pull kids away from their demanding schedules and screens. While Millennials only watch 2-3 screens at once, Gen Z may have up to 5 screens going at the same time! Today's parents are learning that uninterrupted creative time is crucial to childhood development.


So how does this story fit? Well, here's how I explained at the time:

Exciting new artwork with charming, hand-drawn style is emerging
in today’s marketplace. Simplified line-work and bold color-blocking
embody the spirit of ‘slow play’ that today’s parents seek out. The
story is gender-neutral with humorous details and lighthearted characters
that are open to children’s creative imagination and unique perspectives. The
color palette is an interpretation of traditional Easter pastels led
by a saturated pink and yellow with minty green accents and the playful
patterns & sentiments continue this perfectly imperfect visual story.

This illustrated story includes characters, sentiments, patterns and a full scene with elements which could be pulled for hundreds of new and different activities, crafts, art projects and other products. There were also two fully illustrated alphabets.